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We enable small and medium-sized firms to flourish by offering a variety of customisable loans based on the business' recurrent revenues.

We understand that accounting is a seasonal business and that income can sometimes be erratic. That’s why we offer funding to help smooth the irregular nature of your work and get you through the rough patches unscathed. We know how expensive it can be to run a growing business, and that hiring high-quality staff in Australia is often expensive. You know you need to do it but finding the cash to fund the new hire until they’re paying their way can be a daunting task. We understand because we do it ourselves all the time! Our loans can be utilised as essential capital to attract the best talent to your business and keep it running smoothly. Unlike the big banks, we don’t need you to be a multi-partner practice in order to secure a loan with us. What’s more, we don’t ask you to put up property as collateral. All that’s needed is a personal guarantee and evidence that you’ve built a sustainable and differentiated business.

Why Choose Us

We’ll be your guide

When you’re trailblazing, it helps to have someone with you who has blazed the trail before. That’s why we’re the perfect choice to guide you step-by-step through the process, minimising hassle to you. We can even work directly with your aggregator, if that makes it easier.

A loan as unique as your business

We realise that your business is unique and complex. That’s why we never assess your situation with a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. First we listen. Then we undertake a comprehensive valuation of your trail book which allows us to customise a loan, specifically tailored for your situation. It’s a new way to inject cash into your business, with terms that will help your business prosper.

Deal with the decision makers

You deal with the decision maker. Even if traditional lenders have turned you down, we might still be able to help because we’rean independently funded specialist lender and can assess your loan on its own merits.We pride ourselves on our transparency and we will personally notify you of our lending decision as soon as we have made it.

We get it. Really. And we get you.

The banks don’t understand trail books. But we do. That’s why we developed our proprietary trail book appraisal model using proven algorithms to determine the current value of your business’s future cash flow. We’re so confident in our valuation that we lend against it – or are willing to buy your trail book for that price.

More than money

Because we’re invested in your continued success, we’re happy to offer guidance and expertise to help you achieve your vision and bring your ideas to market. If you choose to work with us, we’ll support you with tools and advice to help you grow, because your success is our success.

Cash flow peace of mind for your business

We offer a variety of loan products for you to choose from. These include facilities that let you draw down money as you need it, so you have the security of having your own facility locked in, but pay no interest to pay until you actually draw funds. Then you only pay interest on the funds you use. This gives you a flexible and convenient source of funds when you need it most – as well as peace of mind.

Our Process


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Whether you’re a mortgage broker, financial planner, real estate agent, accountant or equipment rental broker, we can support your business goals and needs.

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