Five tips to help you...

Words of advice for mortgage brokers and planners from an eternal optimist, TrailBlazer Finance Managing Director, Jeff Zulman I am a person who thrives on stress. This is often much to the ire of my wife and family – work and otherwise. However, there are certainly

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We’re in it together. Find...

We are a small business who serves small businesses. We were founded for that purpose and have been doing so for almost a decade, and so we recognise the importance of being agile and responsive through the cycles. We currently find ourselves in a time of

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Will you be swimming between...

I started my year with a scary experience. Whilst ocean swimming early one morning with friends beyond the breakers, I lost my form - and then my nerve. With my friends out of sight and shouting range, I decided to make my way back to the

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How a loan against your...

In our business, we often get enquiries from people who think we deal in second-hand literary books. At TrailBlazer Finance, we actually buy, sell and lend against trail books – which are not even close to story books. But these mistaken phone calls to our office

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What do mortgage broking trail...

A pinball machine sits in the reception of our offices. For stress relief, I am rather partial to the occasional game. It struck me that pinball is an ideal metaphor for mortgage broking: brokers are like the ball - constantly being bumped around at the whim

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TrailBlazer Finance launches an exciting...

The boutique financial service and niche lender, TrailBlazer Finance has just announced an innovative new product for clients looking to procure a loan to fund their businesses ongoing cashflow needs. Dubbed the “Multi-Redraw Facility”or “MRF”, this new financing option allows business clients to lock in a

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Foolproof your financial advisory services:...

In the highly competitive financial planning sector, it is critical that advisors strive for excellence if they wish to stand out as providing a top-tier service. Brilliant planners- those who offer sound advice and consistently outperform their competitors- tend to share several smart practices that contribute

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4 Tips to Digitally Increase...

As the leading mortgage book valuer and lender in Australia, we see a tremendous range of mortgage broking businesses come across our desks. Some have lost the way or stagnated and are worth little more than the value of the underlying trail book. However, others continue

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TrailBlazer Finance Facility

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Whether you’re a mortgage broker, financial planner, rent roll business owner, accountant or other cashflow business, we can understand and support your specific business goals and needs.

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