Mortgage Brokers and Managers

Mortgage Brokers and Managers

We help brokers who want to fund growth, acquire a new business or inject cash flow into their company. Read More

Financial Planners and Risk Insurance Brokers

Financial Planners and Risk Insurance Brokers

We offer specialist tailored loans especially designed for financial planners with stable or growing trail books. Read More

Real Estate Agents and Strata Managers

Real Estate Agents and Strata Managers

We offer a smart alternative to the banks for real estate agents or strata managers looking to fund or refinance the Property Management sector of their agencies. Read More

Accountants and Bookkeeping Services

Accountants and Bookkeeping Services

We enable small and medium-sized firms to flourish by offering a variety of customisable loans based on the business' recurrent revenues. Read More
Equipment Rental Brokers

Equipment Rental Brokers

Equipment Rental Brokers

We provide an innovative solution for equipment rental brokers looking to grow their business. Read More

About us

Who We Are

We’ve pioneered a new approach to lending money. We utilise the commission from your trail book or recurring revenue as security against your loan, so you don’t have to risk your house or personal assets. With our expertise in trail book valuations, we empower you to forge your own financial path by offering a wide range of customisable loans and services that suit your specific

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Our Services

What We Offer


Get a Loan

As a dedicated finance broker & lender, we don’t offer cookie cutter inflexible solutions.

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Sell a book

Are you a broker looking to exit the industry and move onto the next phase of life?

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Get a Valuation

Here at TrailBlazer Finance, we’re mortgage broking trail book valuation experts.

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Get Advice

Our bespoke advisory service is designed to guide you along the path to financial prosperity.

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What Our Clients Are Saying


  • Dream scenario for getting a loan?

    What would be your 'dream' scenario for getting a loan?

  • What problem were you looking to solve?

    What problem were you looking to solve?

  • The major benefits offered by TBF?

    What do you consider the major benefits offered by Trailblazer Finance?

  • How Would you describe what TBF does?

    How would you describe what Trailblazer Finance does?

  • Excellent services TBF offered?

    What excellent service(s) does Trailblazer Finance offer which it's not well known for?

  • Elements of loan process TBF handles well?

    What elements of the loan process do you think Trailblazer Finance handled particularly well?

  • Any concerns about entering a relationship with TBF?

    Did you have any concerns about entering a relationship with Trailblazer Finance?

  • Why did you decide to work with TBF?

    Why did you ultimately decide to work with Trailblazer Finance?

The TrailBlazer team provides independent advice based on established research methods


Standard Loans

As its name suggests, this is a plain standalone loan with one drawdown. It’s a fixed rate, fixed term, loan used mainly for a one off transaction such as a purchase, debt consolidation, marketing campaign or director payback.

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Multi-redraw facility

Our multi-redraw facility (MRF) enables business clients with a trail book or recurring income to procure a loan to fund their businesses’ ongoing cash flow needs.

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Loan Facility

This loan sits between our Standard Loan and MRF Facility. It's a fixed rate, fixed term, loan with the flexibility to offer multiple drawdowns. It also has a redraw facility attached to it which allows for greater flexibility in the future.

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Participation Loans

This loan allows us to lend up to 90% of the value of the trail book as well as “participate” in the trail. With a ceiling and bottom of 15%, it comes with a shortened loan term which is usually three years.

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Whether you’re a mortgage broker, financial planner, real estate agent, accountant or equipment rental broker, we can support your business goals and needs.

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