SmartPay Loan

Release Tax Benefits and Secure Cash Flow with our SmartPay Loan.

We might be able to assist you – lower taxes, money to pay the tax, and working capital for next year.

Introducing the Smartpay Loan where we give you the money to pay the next 12 months of interest and fees – yes, you read it correctly – no interest and fees paid by you for the first 12 months. At first glance this sounds too good to be true – so how does it work?:

1. We make you a loan secured against your future trail or commission income.
2. We deduct from the first advance the first 12 months of interest and fees and use our funds to pay the interest and fees on the loan we give you.

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What are the benefits?

  • Lowers your repayments for the first 12 months as you only pay principal repayments on your loan each month.
  • And you get to claim an interest rate reduction this financial year and lower your tax.

Maximise Tax Deductions

By prepaying the interest, you open the door to significant tax deductions. Imagine claiming a deduction this financial year for the interest you will pay next year. This reduces your taxable income and puts more money back in your pocket.


Cash Flow Management

Managing your cash flow is crucial, especially when unforeseen circumstances arise, or looming financial obligations on the horizon. Prepaying the interest helps you minimise the burden of future interest payments giving you financial flexibility.


Here are a few scenarios where it can be highly beneficial:

If you’ve recently experienced a significant capital gain from selling an investment property


If you received an unexpectedly large payment or commission

If you’re planning time off next year or have uncertain income or expenses


If you’re considering retirement in the near future.


Here’s how the SmartPay Loan works:

  • 12 months of interest and fees are deducted from your first loan advance on settlement (providing pre-June 30th).
  • We reduce your monthly loan repayments to only principal repayments for the first 12 months of the loan.
  • No need for you to do a thing we arrange the payments directly with your aggregator, franchisor, dealer group, or via automated direct debit.

This offer closes no later than Friday 9th of June. We reserve the right to close the offer early due to demand.

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