Three crucial questions every buyer...

In the world of acquisitions, there are three fundamental questions every prospective buyer should ask themselves before engaging in any transaction. At TrailBlazer Finance, we specialise in guiding clients through the acquisition process, leveraging our vast experience to ensure optimal outcomes. Let's delve into these crucial

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Blazing Our Own Trail: We’re...

At a time where things feel uncertain, many lenders and businesses are choosing to play it safe, laying low in the face of rising costs of living, higher interest rates, and inflationary pressures. However, at TrailBlazer Finance we're charting a different course—one of expansion, innovation, and

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A Lesson In Gratitude –...

This is Jeff's final update sent to his family, friends and donors after completing the 'Million Dollar Challenge' cycle down the coast of California: I delayed and anguished before sending you this final note –a part of me just didn’t want the experience to end or

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Interest Rate Hysteria: Let’s Get...

Interest rates have been a hot topic in the news lately, with many people expressing concern about rising rates and their impact on the economy. However, it's important to remember that interest rates have varied significantly over time, and that the current rates we are seeing

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From Renewal to Resilience: How...

From Renewal To Resilience: How Easter And Passover Can Supercharge Your Business With a quarter of the year behind us (wow) and a four day weekend on the horizon, it’s time for some reflection. And what better time to reflect than Easter and Passover. You might

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Does Your Dog Know You’re...

Does Your Dog Know You’re Going To Work? If only we all had the EQ of our pets - dogs are very perceptive.  They know our subconscious habits and our daily movements – often even better than we do.  When I lace up my running shoes

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The ATO’s $60B Debt Collection

The ATO’s $60B Debt Collection - The Times They Are A-Changin’ When the pandemic hit we saw a new lender enter the market. This lender was reasonably priced, had great terms and fast turnaround times. Unfortunately, this lender is now starting to call in its debts.

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How To Protect Your Practice

How to protect your practice in a rising Interest Rates environment.  On the 3rd of May 2022 the RBA finally increased the cash rate by 25 basis points to 0.35%.  Let’s get a little perspective here - Interest Rates in Australia averaged 3.89 percent from 1990

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Start with why: Launching the...

All great organisations start by answering the fundamental question, 'Why?'. At TrailBlazer Finance we provide specialised cashflow lending solutions to recurring revenue-based businesses, harnessing the value of reliable, stable and predictable cashflow. While there is no shortage of businesses that understand the value in what we

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Viruses and Valuations: How has...

Look at the trials and tribulations faced by the mortgage broking industry over the last decade. Should we be surprised if the pandemic has had an impact on the most valuable asset your business has, and which you have grown over its life? Absolutely not. As

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