What loan amounts do you offer?

We offer loans starting from $30,000 up to a maximum of $1.3 million.

What loan terms do you offer?

We offer fixed-term loans for 24-60 months.

Can payments be interest only?

No, we don’t do interest only payments.

How do you take security over my trail book?

We register a first ranking security over whichever entity owns the trail book.

What are the fees and the interest rate?

Unlike a bank, we don’t work off a rate card. Rather,we individually price each loan depending on factors including duration, LVR and borrower history. Each customer is different and our clients range from publicly listed companies to discharged bankrupts, so there’s no one-size-fits-all. Instead, our rates are based on risk. However, we will provide you with detailed pricing of a loan so you can decide whether you want to go ahead with us.

Is there any penalty if I pay the loan out early?

There is no penalty, but there’s probably little or no advantage if you pay the loan back early as each loan has locked in funders and interest rates with no default reviews. So as long as you make payments on time and adhere to the loan terms, we are committed to you for the life of your loan. You can pay back early anytime you want, but we work with you upfront to set a loan term that best matches your requirements, not ours.

How long does it take to get the loan?

As a general rule, it takes three to four weeks from start to finish, depending how quickly you provide us with the data required.

Can I pay my ATO debt with the loan?

Yes, you can!

Do I need to provide company financials?

No, not if you’re a mortgage broker or a financial planner. However, we do request financials for rent roll business owners and accountants.

Do you do a credit check on me or my company?

We only run a credit check at the final stage of your loan approval with your permission.

What can I use the money for?

You can use the money for anything related to your business.

How does the valuation work?

Just like every business, every trail book is unique. Therefore we utilise a process that analyses every single commission, clawback, arrear, runoff and a range of other variables. All of this aims to show us what you have experienced in the past two years. We build a profile of your book on a loan-by-loan basis and then benchmark the “health” of your book against the years of industry data we hold on other similar books. We share all that information with you. Think of it more as a health check than a valuation – and it doesn’t even hurt!

I am a franchisee- can I still get a loan?

It depends on your franchisee model. Contact us for more information.

I have a financial planning business, an accounting practice and a brokerage. Can I use recurring income from my non-broking businesses as security against my loan?

Yes, you can.

Can I stagger the loan drawdown?

Yes, you can.

How much can I borrow against my trail book?

Up to 75% of the value of your trail book.

How many debts can I refinance with your loan?

As many as you like.

Whether you’re a mortgage broker, financial planner, rent roll business owner, accountant or other cashflow business, we can understand and support your specific business goals and needs.

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