Sell a Book

Are you a broker looking to exit the industry and move on to the next phase of life?

We can purchase your trail book or broker your book for sale at competitive rates (note: if you aggregate through AFG we run a dedicated Buy-Sell Program so call us today). Don’t let one of your most valuable assets lie fallow as you transition into retirement. Rather, sell your trail book with us and you can be assured that you will fetch a competitive price. If you do choose to sell the book to us, you can do so gradually and remain involved in managing the book and earning ongoing commission. We understand that your trail book took time to build. You can decide to ease out over time too.

What Sale Services Can We Provide?


Prepare your book for sale


Advertise your book or business


Conduct price and contractual negotiations


Overcome any pre-emptive provisions preventing a sale


Provide boilerplate legal contracts or instruct and manage lawyers


Ensure non-compete, non-solicitation and restraint provisions and warranties are provided


Ensure deposits placed in escrow, transfers notified and records exchanged


Provide you with standard letters to advise your clients and stakeholders of the change


Coordinate outbound marketing campaigns

Why You’ll Love Trailblazer Finance

Maximum Returns. Minimum Hassle

Maximum returns Minimum hassle

Quickly and discreetly sell your trail book through our extensive client network.

Highest price

Guaranteed highest price or we’ll pay you

Receive the highest price for your trail book or we’ll return the book and give you $250.

Qualified buyers

Extensive network of qualified buyers

Access our broad network of qualified buyers, giving you confidence that we negotiate the highest price and fastest sale for your trail book.

Fast, Friendly and Efficient

Fast, friendly, efficient service

We provide a confidential and guaranteed fast sale with highest prices assured. And if you need money quickly, we’ll purchase your book directly.

Financial Partner

Become a financial partner

Take advantage of our expansion capital to grow, diversify or partially retire by selling part of your business to us.

 Buy Back Policy

Our buy back

With our buy back policy, simply repurchase your book if you have a change of heart.

Whether you’re a mortgage broker, financial planner, rent roll business owner, accountant or other cashflow business, we can understand and support your specific business goals and needs.

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