We are a small business who serves small businesses. We were founded for that purpose and have been doing so for almost a decade, and so we recognise the importance of being agile and responsive through the cycles. We currently find ourselves in a time of unprecedented uncertainty and are committed to helping our clients and future clients come out the other side.

For our existing clients, if you have been impacted directly by COVID-19, we will work with you to help you navigate through the challenges ahead based on your unique set of circumstances. We are also currently in discussions with our funding partners to understand what relief they will provide that we in turn can pass on to our clients.

At an industry level, we will champion ongoing support and clarity around critical issues – such the impact of repayment holidays on trail commissions – by working with our strategic partners from across the mortgage broking, financial planning, accounting and property management sectors.

We appreciate you may be looking for information about how we are managing through this event and in the future and we commit to keeping you updated.

Please get in touch with myself or the team if you have any specific questions we can assist you with.

Stay safe, be well, and take care.

Jeff Zulman
Managing Director & Founder, TrailBlazer Finance

Whether you’re a mortgage broker, financial planner, rent roll business owner, accountant or other cashflow business, we can understand and support your specific business goals and needs.

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