How to create additional value in your planning practice

2020 has been a strange year to say the least. With the fate of the economy at large in flux, it has never been as important to future-proof your business. Whether you’re looking to attract new talent, secure additional funding or exit the industry gracefully, it’s worth putting a few tangible strategies in place to enhance the value of your practice

We’ve already looked at the factors that influence practice value, now here are our seven tips for creating additional value in your practice.

1. Find out what you’re worth

If you’re committed to staying the course, then it’s essential that you know the true worth of your business – particularly if you’re looking to buy in the current climate!

2. Be your client’s portal into other professions

Carving out a niche is nice, but the strongest finance professionals remain abreast of the wider industry in order to point their clients in the right direction, whatever their concerns might be.

3. Invest in client retention

In uncertain times, it is essential to entrench strong relationships with your clients. Whether it be via webinars, brochures, or simply picking up the phone to check in – maintaining a close connection with one’s client base will pay dividends down the track!

4. Aggregate quality data

Actively gathering and collating accurate, in-depth data about your business, client base and industry will add great value to any practice, allowing you to identify trends and develop a more targeted business strategy.

5. Clearly define your strategy

Identifying a point of difference to build a smart and agile business strategy will propel your practice forward, ensuring a greater sense of direction and purpose for all involved.

6. Fine tune your systems, staff, and processes

For a smooth sailing practice that stands the test of time, it is essential to develop sound systems and clear processes to guide the business. But above all, invest in the development and training of your employees – they are your greatest asset!

7. Think about what comes next

When it comes time to sell, it’s often the person right under your nose that is best placed to ensure the smooth succession of the business. By planning early and thoroughly, you can build the value of your practice and make it more attractive to potential buyers!


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