At the beginning of 2021, Sam (name changed to protect his identity) had an epiphany. After a decade of building and nurturing a successful mortgage brokerage and helping clients achieve their dreams, it was time to realise his own ambitions by following his passion in firefighting.

Sam’s primary concerns were ensuring his clients would be transitioned to a safe set of hands and achieving a sale price commensurate with the hard work and energy he had poured into his business.

As a first step, Sam spoke to his aggregator, AFG, who had recently launched a program dedicated to buying and selling trail books. His partnership manager referred him a phone number and email address and Sam thought to himself, I better speak to the experts first…

He thought right. Sam divulged to us that he was looking for a transparent, fair and seamless sale of his book and we agreed, we would never want anything but that! We advised Sam that we could support him through the process from A to Z by not only undertaking a valuation of his trail book, but we would be his one stop service by taking the grunt work away by liaising with potential buyers, AFG and legal services for him.

Then we were on our way with helping another mortgage broker hang up their hat, so that they could don a fireman’s helmet.

Sam’s trail book went out as ‘Backdraft’ to over 200 mortgage brokers registered as part of the AFG Buy-Sell Program.

Within only two weeks in the market, the book achieved 15 bids and we were able to lock in a sale price over 20% above the reserve. The purchaser had a strong financial planning arm and acquired the book, not only for its mortgage broking clients, but as Sam had never worked with a financial advisor in the past, there was great scope to introduce these clients to a secondary service. So the buyer got to pass go twice.

We reached out to Sam post-sale for his feedback on the program and it was wonderful to hear his comments:

“I cannot thank TrailBlazer Finance enough for the time and effort put in to achieve a trail book sales figure well beyond my expectations. Trail book sales can be complex and take time but TrailBlazer Finance secured not only the best sales price but the conditions that went with the sale too. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with everything TrailBlazer Finance has accomplished.”

Where next?

For every end of a chapter, there is a new one and we are excited to help. To find out more information on the AFG Buy-Sell Program, take a look at AFG’s media release.

You’re very welcome to reach out with enquiries by calling us on 1300 139 003 from Monday-Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM or emailing:

If you’re interested in being in the loop for upcoming trail book sales, please see our registration link to sign up for the AFG Buy-Sell Program where you will be added onto our mailing list and notified when a book is set to market.

Whether you’re a mortgage broker, financial planner, rent roll business owner, accountant or other cashflow business, we can understand and support your specific business goals and needs.

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